Sunday, May 14, 2006

Thomas St. , Charleston, SC

Thomas St., Charleston, SC

As a few of you know this is not my main journal.
Walk this Way
is my usual hangout but it's hosting site JournalSpace has been out of commission since Friday. So, for the time being and with my fingers crossed for the return of Journalspace, welcome and Happy Mother's Day.

The idea behind this site was that it was a home just for pictures within my neighborhood boundaries. Morris St. in the North to Calhoun St. in the South. Crossing the street one block was allowed :). There may be a few other instances where I've sneaked up or down a block but for the most part welcome to Radcliffeborough, Charleston, SC.


Windviel said...

A rose by any other name would smell just as wonderful. Your pictures under any heading are always a joy to behold. You grab those precious little moments which we all adore, but seldom take the time or have the skill to find.

joan said...

Thanks Windveil :) Zoom, zoom, zoom! This has always been your home so we will visit you.

BethanyC said...

Hi Japee,

What a lovely and happy photo. Happy Mother's day to you.

joan said...

Heya Bethany! Welcome to my guest house. I love the house in the pictures. It is around the corner and I am sure they think I am a stalker since I've taken a lot of pictures of it. I loved the bouquet of flowers this morning.

Paul,Tx said...

Well..JP:)) I knew you'd find a way to give me a shot of YOUR Lovely views of our fair city.
I think we need a BOOK as they said"We may never get ALL the stuff back":(( I sure hope they do.

I would if I could lil' lady. If anything breaks , I let you know:))

joan said...

Heya Paul, Tx! You found me :) It is odd being a person on here. So far it was just a place to file photos. Make yourself comfy. Put your feet up. Have a drink on the hosue.

Paul,Tx said...

Geeeze..JP. That was a long Walk but I made it and made myself comfy by putting my feet up... NOW a Cold glass of Iced Tea:)) A massage would be good...HAHA

Happy Mother's Day To You "Super Mom":))